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Welcome to the website of the Commodity Risk Management Academy. Here you will find courses and workshops on the use of futures and options for the commodity driven industries.

The recent strong fluctuations in farm commodity prices and inputs increase farmers’ interest in the functioning of commodity futures markets. How do futures and options markets really work and how can you (optimally) use them yourself? And how can you improve your financial performance by having knowledge about the information that is embedded in futures prices?

In the online course Commodity Futures Professor Pennings explains how you can use futures to better negotiate prices and to hedge (part) of your risks while capitalizing on price relationships between local and futures prices. Pennings will start with an introduction on hedging and subsequently shows how you can optimize your risk management strategy such that you have the best possible risk-return balance.

After the course you will be familiar with the functioning and possibilities of futures markets, in particularly how you can use them — and the information embedded in futures prices –to better negotiate prices and how to hedge effectively on futures markets.

Learn how futures markets work and how you can use them;
Evaluate and optimize your strategy;
Apply risk management and improve your financial performance.

The course coordinator and expert is prof. dr ir Joost M.E. Pennings, an authority in the field of risk management and commodity futures and options markets. One of his motivations is to provide insight into the functioning of futures and options markets.

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Online training

Learn ONLINE about risk management and the functioning of commodities futures and options markets! After the training you will be familiar with the functioning and possibilities of those markets and are able to capitalize on this knowlegde on a daily basis.


Online courses:Time video
Overview of the course9m 41s
Part 1: The value of commodity risk management and hedging24m 17s
Part 2: Basic features of commodity futures and hedging mechanism1h
Part 3: Basis risk-extending hedging mechanism1h 23m
Part 4: Hedging effectiveness and optimal hedging ratios32m
In total part 1 -43h 19m 17s
Part 5: Market liquidity19m 29s
Part 6: Clearing48m
Part 7: Market participants30m
Part 8: Spreads and type of orders33m
Part 11: What needs to be understood16m 25s
In total part 5 -11 1h 53m 54s


Fees excluding VAT

E-learning Course
1) The value of risk management and hedging
2) Basic features of commodity futures and hedging mechanism
3) Basic risk-extending hedging mechanism
4) Hedging effectiveness and optimal hedging ratios

€   895.- 
Online blended training:
– e-learning introduction
two days lessons on 27-28 Jan 2022

All courses
€ 2,495.**

Classroom training

The classroom training courses provide a complete program for professionals who work in commodity driven industries or industries that provide services to them. Our training courses are aimed at buyers, traders, management, policy officers and anyone involved in trading commodities and / or investing in these markets.

To ensure maximum interaction between participants and the course leader there is a maximum of 20 participants. Interaction between participants from different industries has proven to be helpfull in the learning proces. During the course the participants will discuss real life case studies.

The Commodity Risk Management Academy offers three levels. You can follow the courses separately, but also go through the entire program. For more information, click on the different training courses.

Level I - Introduction


Introduction to Hedging

Learn in one day about risk management and how futures markets work! You can participate in this training without any prior knowledge of futures markets.

After the training you will be familiar with the functioning and possibilities of futures markets.


Level 2 - Basic


Effective Hedging for Professionals

The two-day course at level II offers basic knowledge of commodity futures and options for professionals who want to apply the knowledge into practice.

Many real life cases are discussed and linked to the financial performance of the firm.


Level 3 - Master


Master Course in risk management and hedging 

The master course is an in-depth training in which various futures and options strategies are discussed and explained. Insights are given how to apply different sources of information such as the COT-reports.

After the master class you will be able to evaluate and optimize your strategy. Guidance is given for implementation in your own organization.


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